A tall order for Tasha

TashaTasha is a part-German Shepherd stray who’d been in a rescue shelter for two months. The rescue asked a wonderful woman to foster her because they thought she’d do better in a quiet home with no other dogs. Her new mom told me this sweet, highly intelligent soul arrived at her house terrified.

Thankfully, in a month’s time Tasha became much calmer and more confident about meeting new people and dogs. Her mom also shared: “She’s currently in the midst of heartworm treatment. The main issue is keeping her quiet so that her heart rate isn’t elevated, which can cause the dead worms to form an embolism in the pulmonary artery and block blood flow to the lungs. She gets her second shot mid-June. Since I plan to adopt her when she’s finished all her heartworm Tx, I want her to become as free as possible from all the trauma she’s experienced, so that she can enjoy her new life with me in the woods of NC.”

So my job was to help Tasha stay calm and be free from all trauma. Tall order! During my first session with her, I released several traumas, including one that happened when she was 4 months old.

I also found a block in her throat chakra, which is related to communication and expression. Several days after clearing the block, her mom told me: “She is using her voice more — barks if her walk is delayed, makes funny noises when she’s bored and wants my attention. I always tell her, ‘good bark!’ or ‘good voice!’ ” Isn’t that great? All beings need to be free to communicate.

It’s been over two months since my sessions with Tasha, so I checked in to see how things are going. Here’s what Mom reports:

“Tasha is doing well. My neighbors think I’m a ‘dog-whisperer’, but I tell them it’s not me — I had lots of help (that’s you!). She has lots of puppy in her — maybe because of the trauma release, she finally gets to be a puppy? She is very friendly with other dogs. When she meets a new person, she is a bit cautious, but then when she meets them again she’s very friendly.”

And she made it through the heartworm treatments without any problem. “Tasha is finally a month post heartworm Tx, so next week we’ll be starting training classes…. Thanks so much for checking in. You are a wonderful godsend. You have made all the difference between a happy dog and a very fearful one. And that’s priceless!”

Now that warms my heart! 💗

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