Stories and Testimonials

Story - Quenby


Quenby, who considered herself a human-cat, brought many years of joy to her family. Unfortunately, in her old age, her health declined and she had a stroke. What a pitiful sight, watching her walk with twisted spine and unsteady legs.

After Quenby's first healing session, she could walk much easier and was surprisingly energetic. After several sessions, she regained more strength and mobility, and was able to eat without falling into her bowl. Her recovery was amazing.

Thank you so much for your work on Quenby. She's doing great and gaining lots of weight. –Lori

Story - Sunny


Steve was concerned about their sweet Maltese. Normally full of energy, Sunny was listless and experiencing digestive problems. I went to work on the issues, and a week later Steve reported that Sunny was back to his old self. Priceless!

Sunny seems to be back to his chipper little self and runs around and plays with his toy again after being out of it for many weeks. Thanks for all of your healing help, Lana. –Steve

Story - Frisky


Frisky, a sweet house cat, suddenly became withdrawn and wouldn't let her owner, David, touch or hold her. Normally they are close buddies. David was distraught and readily accepted my offer to work remotely on Frisky.

I discovered the underlying cause of Frisky's abnormal behavior, which traced back to a traumatic event when she was only a few days old. I "cleared" the imprint, and that evening Frisky slept with David. The next day, she was unusually energetic and playful.

When his wife asked what in the world had happened with Frisky, he told her, "Well, there's this girl..." Love it!

Story - Lizards

The Lizards

This family's two pet lizards were acting sluggish and not eating. They seemed depressed. Their owner became concerned and asked me to help.

Quite frankly, I wasn't sure I could "connect" with lizards, but thought it was worth trying.

Oh boy! After one session, the lizards came alive. We stared in amazement as they ran around their cage. They dangled and swung from the top, as if they were acrobats. Totally new behavior for them 🙂

A fun and enlightening experience.

Story - Teddy


You know looks can deceive, right? Teddy is quite territorial, as is typical for terriers. He can't tolerate anyone in his house except Mom. He barks incessantly when people — even those who've been there many times — come to visit. His sister, on the other hand, loves everyone and happily follows them around the house.

Using my "Nancy Drew" technique, I found that Teddy had been traumatized at three months old when someone kicked him.

After just one session, Teddy was noticeably calmer in the presence of a visitor and barked less. A great start!


Story - Tamale


Tamale originally hails from Mexico. This sweet poodle suffers from severe itching. An older, bossy female dog in the family adds to his misery. Andrea, a good friend of his owner, asked me to see what I could do to help him.

I started the session as I always do: I use a technique to find out if the complaint is purely physical or if it has roots in unresolved stress. Poor Tamale! I discovered that he left his family in Mexico when he was seven months old. This separation, along with feeling vulnerable around his new sister, was traumatic.

Armed with this new information, Andrea and Tamale's owner can help with his healing.

Thank you for your amazing discovery! I asked my friend when Tamale came to live with her. You were right – when he was 7 months old! You're damned good! 🙂


Story - Kona


This handsome Collie can be as stubborn as a mule. Kona's caretaker when his owners are away began to dread watching him. "He doesn't mind me and he doesn't pay any attention when he's called. When we're out in the woods, he walks slowly and lags behind. But when I sit to rest, he whines! He's on his own wavelength."

Kona had been a show dog. The poor guy was rarely let out of his cage, never walked on dirt and had delicate pink paws. His new owners got him when he was three. He minded them, but not his caretaker.

I was eager to work with Kona. His issues were just so obvious. How would you feel if you had been caged up during your childhood? Would you feel disempowered? When freed, would you be inclined to resist people telling you what to do? I know I would.

So I went about confirming these assumptions with Kona. Yes, all true. But what happened next surprised me. I couldn't find anything to "clear." He simply wanted to be understood and loved. I did my best to convey to him that his sitter had a responsibility to make sure he was safe and that he didn't get lost or hurt while in her care. I asked if he would be willing to cooperate, and he agreed to try. (I know, I know — it sounds super weird to have such a conversation. I admit that I have no idea if a two-way exchange was actually happening.)

I couldn't wait to get a report from Kona's caretaker. Although Kona wasn't perfectly obedient, there was noticeable improvement. She reported:

"He was less needy and more relaxed after your session with him. He is still stubborn and did not mind all that well, but he was very mellow this time around."

She also noted that he seemed to be more aware of his behavior while outside. For example, instead of recklessly chasing rabbits across a busy street, he kept his adventures closer to her house and the woods.





What a gorgeous Siberian! He's normally sweet and a joy to be around. But suddenly he refused to go outside and began defecating on the floor. He was irritable, glum and no longer playful. Of course his mom was concerned and took him to the vet. The physical checkup didn't turn up any problems.

Before starting a session, I like to introduce myself and ask permission to help. As soon as I connected with Sputnik, I saw him in my mind's eye relaxed and purring. Yes! He was happy for my help. And before I began the session, I told his mom that I saw him purring. She replied: "He looks happy too! I just cleaned his water fountain (I keep quartz and shungite in it too) and he is drinking tons." Good signs! Our intention for him to be helped had gotten the ball rolling.

I commenced with the healing session and sent my findings to my client. Sputnik was now hiding under her son's bed, she told me. I checked in with him... He was okay; he just needed to be alone while he processed the healing. The next morning, his mom reported, "He's looking cute today. He's up on my bed instead of hiding under [my son's] bed. And he's purring, so I think he really needed what you did for him, and I really think that it helped him. So I wanted to let you know that." Then a day later, she reported more progress:

"Lana, He is even better today! He went outside for a short time on his own accord, played with toys, play-fought his bros, and is not hiding under the bed anymore! He is hanging out with us in the living room and purring and coming to be held more like he used to. You helped him so much!"



This big-eyed beauty suddenly became very vocal and restless. She walked up and down the hallway, loudly meowing. She acted distressed, as if she were lost or looking for someone. She hated closed doors. Afternoons and early morning seemed to be the worst for her incessant, pleading meows. "We have had to start keeping her in a separate room at night so we can sleep without her pleading," her mom wrote. While working with Karuna, I discovered that she was stuck in obsessive grief. Her people were surprised, since there hadn't been a recent death or anything obvious that could be causing such distress. I cleared the block and awaited the result. The next day I received this email...

"THANK you so much for our meeting yesterday. Karuna has been very quiet today. It's quite amazing. Honestly, I am shocked. Not a peep out of her. Even during her usual afternoon session of chronic meowing, she has been very quiet. I will let you know how it continues, but I can't thank you enough. "

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