Science advances one funeral at a time

A fabulous commentary by Rick Leskowitz, MD, about energy and paradigm shifts concludes with this reminder:

“One hundred years ago, the discoveries of quantum physicist Max Planck triggered a paradigm shift, one that was met with great resistance by the scientific establishment of his era. He responded: ‘Science advances one funeral at a time.’ The current expansion and shift of scientific paradigms could potentially run a smoother course, if medicine finally comes to terms with the intangibles in its closet.”

Even though energy healing has been successfully practiced for thousands of years, “our materialist dismissal of these intangibles has hindered our acceptance of many effective alternative and complementary healing modalities and limited our concept of what it means to be human,” writes Leskowitz.

Read the article “How Tapping into ‘Energy’ Can Trigger a Paradigm Shift in Biomedicine” here.

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