Rowdy’s mom gives me a big thumbs up!

I had the pleasure of working with Rowdy, a sweet Border Collie mix. His mom sent me this heartwarming testimonial, which I’m delighted to share.

Rowdy, Border Collie mix

For many years, our Border Collie, Rowdy, has become very anxious and even traumatized by thunderstorms. I heard Lana was a gifted healer and I booked Rowdy in for a distance session with her (we live in Australia).

Lana worked with Rowdy using her extensive skill set and advised me that the local ironstone formations in our area and barometric pressure changes contribute to his anxiety. She recommended distracting him where possible using different techniques and she identified a bushflower essence that will help with his anxiety, during thunderstorms and at other times as well. Lana also did her “dog whispering” and I believe this has helped Rowdy the most.

Since Rowdy’s session with Lana, we haven’t had a thunderstorm. However, since his session, I have found him to be more relaxed. While he is an affectionate dog, I’ve also found him to be less needy when I’m not able to give him attention.

Lana Walker is a gifted healer who has the ability to connect with her animal clients both near and far – using animal communicating and kinesiology. Lana has a large knowledge base about animal behavior and recommends natural treatment options where she can. In the 2 sessions where she worked with Rowdy, she communicated her findings with me in a most professional manner. I highly recommend Lana for helping with any of your pet’s emotional or physical needs.

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