What I’m reading now – Our Symphony With Animals

Our Symphony With AnimalsI’m still reading the book, but just had to share now: Our Symphony With Animals – On Health, Empathy, and Our Shared Destinies by Aysha Akhtar, M.D. She’s such a superb storyteller — you won’t be disappointed!

Another bonus: Profits from the book go to animal charities.

Here’s the description of the book from her site:

A leader in the fields of animal ethics and neurology, in her latest book Dr. Aysha Akhtar examines the rich human-animal connection and how interspecies empathy enriches our well-being.

Deftly combining medicine, social history and personal experience, Our Symphony with Animals is the first book by a physician to show how deeply the well-being of humans and animals are entwined.

Against the backdrop of her own inspiring story, Dr. Akhtar asks, “What do we gain when we recognize our kinship with animals?”

She travels around the country to tell the stories of a varied cast of characters ― including a former mobster, an industrial chicken farmer, a Marine veteran ― and comes face to face with a serial killer…

“I am on a mission to show how treating animals with kindness is not only good for animals, but also good for us. Join me as I explore how animal protection is a win-win for everyone.”

Visit her site here.

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