I love solving a good mystery

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, The Dana Girls, The Bobbsey Twins, and other mystery-solving books. And my dad was an inventor who solved challenging problems in the explosives industry. I longed to be just like them — someone who solves problems and makes the world a better place.

It took awhile, but that yearning led to my work now as a sleuth to help animals. The methods I use allow me to discover the (likely) source of a physical complaint or behavioral problem. With some issues, I can resolve them on the spot. With others, conventional treatment will still be required to support healing.

I love solving a good mystery! While out walking in the neighborhood a few days ago, I met a couple and their tiny sweet dog. (We’ll call her Twinkle.) They shared that Twinkle had a vomiting problem, and their vet was trying to find the cause. The medication he prescribed wasn’t working. Cue Lana Drew! I couldn’t resist. My desire to help overcame my fear of sounding like a kook 🙂 After explaining the science behind my method, they agreed to let me help. Oh, it was so fun!

First, I determined that the issue started when Twinkle was 4 months old. They were astounded. That was when Twinkle was flown over from another country. Next, I determined that the organ involved was the pancreas. Yep, mom said, this breed has a problem with pancreatitis. Then I determined the unresolved emotion involved: lack of control over events. No surprise there. Can you imagine what this sweet little puppy would have been experiencing?

I completed the treatment and continued on my walk. I hope to see the couple and Twinkle again soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

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