Kona, Part Two

Kona is a sweet, handsome Collie. His sitter had begun to dread watching him because he wouldn’t mind her, acted needy, and was just plain stubborn.

The first time I worked with him, we had a very interesting “conversation.” You can catch the whole story here. Bottom line — Kona only wanted to be understood and loved. I conveyed that to her, and their time together was much easier. She reported that he was less needy and more mellow and relaxed.

That was more than a year ago. Yesterday his sitter asked me for help: “Send him the message to be self-sufficient and let me work tomorrow.” She is a very busy woman with a lot of projects on her plate. The last thing she needed was a stubborn, needy Kona unnecessarily taking time away from her work.

So I connected with Kona and asked if he remembered our conversation. He did. I asked if he would be willing to allow his sitter to work undisturbed. Yes. I also reminded his sitter about that amazing conversation and what Kona really wants.

Here is what she wrote to me this morning:

Thanks so much. He is at this moment laying on the floor by my desk quietly. That is perfect! Bless you.

Yes, perfect!

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