Let there be peace! How to stop a dog from barking

Do a Google search for “how to stop a dog from barking,” and you’ll get page after page of results. If it’s your neighbor’s dog that’s barking virtually nonstop, you might not like your options. In the case of my client “Tara,” her neighbors weren’t open for discussion. Tara felt sorry for the dog, but his incessant barking had her on edge. One day while out of his yard, he dashed out from behind Tara’s car and barked at her, which scared her. That’s when Tara shared what was going on, and I offered to help. 

I tuned into “Sam” and asked why he barked at Tara. His reason surprised me: Because he sensed that Tara didn’t like him. And his barking was a complaint about that. He actually likes her!

I also learned that he doesn’t call his owners “his people, mom and dad, or owners.” He calls them, “the people he lives with.” They told him not to be friendly. He doesn’t know why.

I told him I would try to convey to the people he lives with to be aware that it’s not good to leave him alone much of the time, and that shock collars are harmful. 

It’s now six months later, and I asked Tara for an update. I was thrilled to learn that his barking stopped! Here’s her testimonial:

“The combination of Lana’s intuition and trust in her ability makes her a powerful energy intuit with animals. I had a dog [in the neighborhood] barking whenever his ‘parents’ left and neither he nor his parents were approachable, so I came to Lana. She asked me some questions and then went to work. I was very impressed — in a few days his barking started to subside and eventually stopped, except for an occasional barking at wild turkeys or UPS trucks coming into the yard. Thanks to Lana my nervous system has calmed down and I feel more comfortable in my home.”


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