What you can expect


You may be a new client or new to energy healing. Here is my process and what may happen in a typical session.

  1. After we schedule a session, I'll send an email asking for more information about your pet's situation. I'll also ask for a recent photo of the animal, which you can email or text.
  2. In most cases, I perform the session alone. During this time, I connect with the animal and gain information using muscle testing. For guidance, I use concepts based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Eastern chakra system. Treatment may include clearing unresolved or stuck emotions using remote "tapping" or visualizing certain colors. It's not unusual for ideas or images to float into my mind, leading me to explore deeper.
  3. Next, I write a summary of findings and email it to you. I may also suggest using flower essences to support the animal's healing or behavior change.
  4. Soon after the session, we have a brief call to answer any questions ... or to celebrate any healing or changes that have already occurred!

I've found that animals respond very quickly to energy work. Most likely you'll notice changes right away. For example, one morning I worked with a cat that had been meowing incessantly for no obvious reason, and the very next morning her person reported sweet relief 🙂