Karuna – Sweet Relief

This big-eyed beauty suddenly became very vocal and restless. She walked up and down the hallway, loudly meowing. She acted distressed, as if she were lost or looking for someone. She hated closed doors. Afternoons and early morning seemed to be the worst for her incessant, pleading meows. “We have had to start keeping her in a separate room at night so we can sleep without her pleading,” her mom wrote.

Using my investigative techniques, I discovered that she was stuck in obsessive grief. Her people were surprised, since there hadn’t been a recent death or anything obvious that could be causing such distress. I cleared the block and awaited the result. The next day I received this email…

“THANK you so much for our meeting yesterday. Karuna has been very quiet today. It’s quite amazing. Honestly, I am shocked. Not a peep out of her. Even during her usual afternoon session of chronic meowing, she has been very quiet. I will let you know how it continues, but I can’t thank you enough.”

A tall order for Tasha

TashaTasha is a part-German Shepherd stray who’d been in a rescue shelter for two months. The rescue asked a wonderful woman to foster her because they thought she’d do better in a quiet home with no other dogs. Her new mom told me this sweet, highly intelligent soul arrived at her house terrified.

Thankfully, in a month’s time Tasha became much calmer and more confident about meeting new people and dogs. Her mom also shared: “She’s currently in the midst of heartworm treatment. The main issue is keeping her quiet so that her heart rate isn’t elevated, which can cause the dead worms to form an embolism in the pulmonary artery and block blood flow to the lungs. She gets her second shot mid-June. Since I plan to adopt her when she’s finished all her heartworm Tx, I want her to become as free as possible from all the trauma she’s experienced, so that she can enjoy her new life with me in the woods of NC.”

So my job was to help Tasha stay calm and be free from all trauma. Tall order! During my first session with her, I released several traumas, including one that happened when she was 4 months old.

I also found a block in her throat chakra, which is related to communication and expression. Several days after clearing the block, her mom told me: “She is using her voice more — barks if her walk is delayed, makes funny noises when she’s bored and wants my attention. I always tell her, ‘good bark!’ or ‘good voice!’ ” Isn’t that great? All beings need to be free to communicate.

It’s been over two months since my sessions with Tasha, so I checked in to see how things are going. Here’s what Mom reports:

“Tasha is doing well. My neighbors think I’m a ‘dog-whisperer’, but I tell them it’s not me — I had lots of help (that’s you!). She has lots of puppy in her — maybe because of the trauma release, she finally gets to be a puppy? She is very friendly with other dogs. When she meets a new person, she is a bit cautious, but then when she meets them again she’s very friendly.”

And she made it through the heartworm treatments without any problem. “Tasha is finally a month post heartworm Tx, so next week we’ll be starting training classes…. Thanks so much for checking in. You are a wonderful godsend. You have made all the difference between a happy dog and a very fearful one. And that’s priceless!”

Now that warms my heart! 💗

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Let there be peace! How to stop a dog from barking

Do a Google search for “how to stop a dog from barking,” and you’ll get page after page of results. If it’s your neighbor’s dog that’s barking virtually nonstop, you might not like your options. In the case of my client “Tara,” her neighbors weren’t open for discussion. Tara felt sorry for the dog, but his incessant barking had her on edge. One day while out of his yard, he dashed out from behind Tara’s car and barked at her, which scared her. That’s when Tara shared what was going on, and I offered to help. 

I tuned into “Sam” and asked why he barked at Tara. His reason surprised me: Because he sensed that Tara didn’t like him. And his barking was a complaint about that. He actually likes her!

I also learned that he doesn’t call his owners “his people, mom and dad, or owners.” He calls them, “the people he lives with.” They told him not to be friendly. He doesn’t know why.

I told him I would try to convey to the people he lives with to be aware that it’s not good to leave him alone much of the time, and that shock collars are harmful. 

It’s now six months later, and I asked Tara for an update. I was thrilled to learn that his barking stopped! Here’s her testimonial:

“The combination of Lana’s intuition and trust in her ability makes her a powerful energy intuit with animals. I had a dog [in the neighborhood] barking whenever his ‘parents’ left and neither he nor his parents were approachable, so I came to Lana. She asked me some questions and then went to work. I was very impressed — in a few days his barking started to subside and eventually stopped, except for an occasional barking at wild turkeys or UPS trucks coming into the yard. Thanks to Lana my nervous system has calmed down and I feel more comfortable in my home.”


I love solving a good mystery

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, The Dana Girls, The Bobbsey Twins, and other mystery-solving books. And my dad was an inventor who solved challenging problems in the explosives industry. I longed to be just like them — someone who solves problems and makes the world a better place.

It took awhile, but that yearning led to my work now as a sleuth to help animals. The methods I use allow me to discover the (likely) source of a physical complaint or behavioral problem. With some issues, I can resolve them on the spot. With others, conventional treatment will still be required to support healing.

I love solving a good mystery! While out walking in the neighborhood a few days ago, I met a couple and their tiny sweet dog. (We’ll call her Twinkle.) They shared that Twinkle had a vomiting problem, and their vet was trying to find the cause. The medication he prescribed wasn’t working. Cue Lana Drew! I couldn’t resist. My desire to help overcame my fear of sounding like a kook 🙂 After explaining the science behind my method, they agreed to let me help. Oh, it was so fun!

First, I determined that the issue started when Twinkle was 4 months old. They were astounded. That was when Twinkle was flown over from another country. Next, I determined that the organ involved was the pancreas. Yep, mom said, this breed has a problem with pancreatitis. Then I determined the unresolved emotion involved: lack of control over events. No surprise there. Can you imagine what this sweet little puppy would have been experiencing?

I completed the treatment and continued on my walk. I hope to see the couple and Twinkle again soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Rowdy’s mom gives me a big thumbs up!

I had the pleasure of working with Rowdy, a sweet Border Collie mix. His mom sent me this heartwarming testimonial, which I’m delighted to share.

Rowdy, Border Collie mix

For many years, our Border Collie, Rowdy, has become very anxious and even traumatized by thunderstorms. I heard Lana was a gifted healer and I booked Rowdy in for a distance session with her (we live in Australia).

Lana worked with Rowdy using her extensive skill set and advised me that the local ironstone formations in our area and barometric pressure changes contribute to his anxiety. She recommended distracting him where possible using different techniques and she identified a bushflower essence that will help with his anxiety, during thunderstorms and at other times as well. Lana also did her “dog whispering” and I believe this has helped Rowdy the most.

Since Rowdy’s session with Lana, we haven’t had a thunderstorm. However, since his session, I have found him to be more relaxed. While he is an affectionate dog, I’ve also found him to be less needy when I’m not able to give him attention.

Lana Walker is a gifted healer who has the ability to connect with her animal clients both near and far – using animal communicating and kinesiology. Lana has a large knowledge base about animal behavior and recommends natural treatment options where she can. In the 2 sessions where she worked with Rowdy, she communicated her findings with me in a most professional manner. I highly recommend Lana for helping with any of your pet’s emotional or physical needs.