2020 Vision

I love the thought that this year promises clear vision and clear paths. My inbox is filling with emails from people and businesses, all looking forward to a year that is different. Apparently 2019 pretty much sucked. So many challenges, disappointments, losses…

The Path of Least ResistanceCan we will away challenges? Can we demand a change of consciousness? No, we can’t. We can change only our own thinking and actions. And that’s freakin’ hard to do, mostly because we tend to avoid reality. As Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, says: Reality is an acquired taste. (See more of his quotes here.)

We can learn from nature, which always takes the path of least resistance. Water flows downward and around obstacles. Yet we tend to glorify going against the flow, even when it’s not necessary.

So my vision for 2020 has to move along a different path. What’s true for me is not what’s true for many others. Instead, I’m told that I’m practicing witchcraft. Or I’m told that what I do is not possible. Clearly, I haven’t found my target audience 🙂 If you’re reading this and can help give me insight, I’d be grateful to hear from you.

Happy 2020!

Dr. Oz – Energy Medicine

“We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

-Dr. Mehmet Oz