Energy Psychology – The NBA’s Best Kept Secret?

Humans and animals often suffer from subconscious blocks to health and happiness. In my healing practice, I use several energy psychology methods to identify and release such blocks.

I love that these powerful techniques are gaining recognition and acceptance in the mainstream, including the U.S. National Basketball Association. Check out this article by Jake Rauchbach.

“If not fully processed on the mental and emotional levels, thoughts, emotions, feelings and images from negatively-charged past experiences can often become trapped within the player’s subconscious mind. When this happens, performance blocks occur, ultimately throwing a wrench into instinctual response, muscle memory and on-court performance execution.”

Bio from the article: Jake Rauchbach is an Integrated Player Development Coach, specializing in High-Performance Mindfulness. He has coached professional and Division-1 basketball. He is the founder of The MindRight Pro® Program and consults on the Olympic, collegiate and professional levels.