Group Healing to raise funds for Australian Red Cross

Announcement from Charlie Goldsmith (Facebook announcement)

As you may be aware, Australia is on fire.

There are currently massive bushfires fueled by record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought. These are having a devastating impact on Australian communities and wildlife.

I will be holding a Group Healing next weekend, and ask for your support in donating to the Australian Red Cross. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Anything helps.

Date: Sunday 12 January
Time: 8 AM – 9 AM UTC+11 Australia
CLICK HERE to see the time where you live.

To donate:


Australia fires



Karuna – Sweet Relief

This big-eyed beauty suddenly became very vocal and restless. She walked up and down the hallway, loudly meowing. She acted distressed, as if she were lost or looking for someone. She hated closed doors. Afternoons and early morning seemed to be the worst for her incessant, pleading meows. “We have had to start keeping her in a separate room at night so we can sleep without her pleading,” her mom wrote.

Using my investigative techniques, I discovered that she was stuck in obsessive grief. Her people were surprised, since there hadn’t been a recent death or anything obvious that could be causing such distress. I cleared the block and awaited the result. The next day I received this email…

“THANK you so much for our meeting yesterday. Karuna has been very quiet today. It’s quite amazing. Honestly, I am shocked. Not a peep out of her. Even during her usual afternoon session of chronic meowing, she has been very quiet. I will let you know how it continues, but I can’t thank you enough.”

Why is distant healing so hard to prove?

That distant or nonlocal healing works is a stretch for a lot of people. And apparently, it’s tricky to prove clinical effectiveness. Yet I know it can be effective, because I see it work all the time in my own practice.

If you like keeping up on the topic, check out this article, available from Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI): Distant Healing Intention Therapies: An Overview of the Scientific Evidence

Charlie Goldsmith, Energy Healer

I follow Charlie Goldsmith on Facebook. Today he posted this comment, along with a photo of an article about him in ELLE:

“3 years since I came out of hiding”

The online version of the article begins with the question, how do you prove it?

The proof is in the pudding. But will there ever be enough to satisfy the medical mainstream?

Energy Healing Works—Many Say. But How Do You Prove It?

Charlie Goldsmith says he can alleviate body pain and allergy symptoms, even cure infections, just by focusing his mind on what ails us. Now comes the hard part: using the scientific method to prove it to the medical mainstream.

In the 17 years since the bewildering day that Charlie Goldsmith discovered what he calls his “gift,” the 35-year-old energy healer from Melbourne, Australia, has been trying to get someone in the medical world to take him seriously. He has wanted to be of use, working with the formal sanction of doctors in hospitals. He has wanted to be recognized for what he knows he can do—not simply to justify the strange turn his life took when he was 18, but to shore up the credibility of a practice long plagued by fraud and religious superstition, and to make the experience of discovering and developing a healing gift like his less traumatic for other people. It’s one thing to be teased by friends; it’s another to be brushed off by the medical profession as a well-meaning but deluded screwball whose results probably have less to do with energy than with the placebo effects of his kind and empathetic manner, perhaps even his salubrious blue eyes and handsome surf-side looks.

Continue reading the article online here.

The Science of Energy Healing – Free Video Series

Once upon a time I offered energy healing to a relative. Said relative freaked out. Oops! I tried to reassure the person that there was nothing spooky about it, that it can be understood through the lens of science. No go. I wish I would have had a good resource to point to.

It’s been more than a decade since that unfortunate incident. And things have changed. Now we have many great resources, such as The Science of Energy Healing video mini-series produced by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. It’s available to view online September 18-24.

Learn about the free series here. Be sure to download the Science of Energy Psychology Quick Facts (PDF).