The Truth About Pet Cancer Docuseries

Did you know that dogs have the highest rates of cancer of any mammal?

Fifty years ago, 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. Now it’s an unbelievable 1 in 1.65. And the statistic for cats is also dismal: 1 in 3.

Why this explosive growth? And what can be done to stop this epidemic?

I’m eager to learn what 30+ experts, veterinary oncologists, immunologists, and researchers have to say in the upcoming docuseries, The Truth About Pet Cancer. Along with presenting ways to prevent cancer, they’ll also reveal safe, affordable treatment.

Watch the trailer here (affiliate link) and register for the free series. It starts April 4.


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"I Talk to Animals" (Documentary)

Can humans communicate with animals telepathically? I have no doubt, because I routinely do so. During sessions with pets, I discover things that have happened with the animal and then verify what I find with the animal’s owner. It’s fascinating!

But I do question the actual level of communication taking place. Am I connecting with a quantum information field, or am I in mind-to-mind communication with mutual understanding? I don’t know. In any case, this documentary about animal communicator Samantha Khury is amazing.

From YouTube:

Real Life Animal Whisperer Talks to Animals Telepathically

Samantha Khury claims she can communicate with animals telepathically, and persuade them to cease problematic behaviors. She diagnosed one cat, Casey, as “depressed because he’s unemployed.” The owners found Casey a “job” and they all lived happily ever after. She is sought after not just by pet owners but by animal professionals such as race horse trainers and zookeepers. Beyond the humor and absurdity, the film deepens into a meditation on human-animal relationships.

The Animal Communicator – Anna Breytenbach (Documentary)

South African Anna Breytenbach is one of the most well-known modern animal communicators. Watch her in action in this documentary produced by Swati Thiyagarajan, Craig Foster and Damon Foster.

Communicating with Diablo

The clip below from the documentary shows Anna’s interaction with Diablo, a dangerous black leopard at the Jukani Predator Park in South Africa. The video went viral on YouTube with more than 5 million views.