The Mice Were Cured, But That's Not the Most Mind-Blowing Thing

William (Bill) Bengston has conducted several research studies and randomized control trials with mice who had been given cancer. The mice were cured, but here’s the most mind-blowing thing — when the blood of the cured mice was injected into other mice with the same form of cancer, those mice were also healed (without receiving any treatment other than the injection). Read that again.

Bill will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming 19th International Energy Psychology Conference in San Antonio. Check out this conversation between Bill and ACEP Executive Director Robert Schwarz.

Is there biologic memory? Can energy healing impact the genome? Can energy healing heal cancer? Bill Bengston talks about his latest research into these questions and more.

P.S. Notice that little bear? I have one just like it that I use in my healing sessions 🙂

UPDATE – Presentation May 20, 2017

Bengston’s fun, engaging and mind-boggling presentation was live-streamed on Facebook and recorded. This is a must-see if you’re interested in a cure for cancer.