The Cat Video That Convinced Me

Cats rule! YouTube is home to millions of cat videos with billions of views. Billions with a capital B.

Everyone loves cats, right? Nope.

Around the time I began learning Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I attended my first Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) conference. One of the presenters was a San Diego therapist who used EFT (“tapping”) to treat animals. Sometimes I wondered how much the placebo effect came into play with energy techniques, so I was eager to hear this presenter’s stories.

She played a video that blew my mind. A group of boys had captured a cat, tortured it, and then threw it out of their moving car. A kind witness took the injured, immensely frightened cat to an animal hospital. The video began with showing the traumatized cat being held on someone’s lap. (I’ll refer to the cat as a male.) His back was up and his ears were back and flat against his head. He glared into the camera with ferocity. He was not a happy camper.

A friendly dog ambled by, curious to see this new arrival. The cat glared at the dog, too. There was so much glaring going on that it became comical to watch. The therapist, who had been called in to help, had some major work to do!

As she introduced herself to the cat, I thought there’s no way this glaring cat is going to let her touch him, let alone tap on his poor traumatized body. Slowly and gently, she tapped on the cat. He glared. She kept tapping. Oh look! His ears are not so flat. More tapping. Hey! His back is coming down. More tapping. Is he really starting to relax? More tapping. What!? He looks…. happy!

I couldn’t believe the transformation that occurred in just a few minutes. I knew the tapping wasn’t a placebo.

That cat video convinced me about what was possible with using energy techniques with animals. It also removed any doubt about these techniques being “just a placebo.” Thank you, Glaring Cat!

Do you have a pet that has been traumatized? I would love to help. Book an energy healing session with me.


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