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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Lana Walker, owner of Lanimista. I love animals and making up new words 🙂

My professional background is all about communication — business and marketing communication, consulting, training — so why not include animal communication.

I've always had a special connection with animals, but I hadn't realized the extent of the gift until my best friend asked if I could help her "depressed" pet lizards. Much to my surprise, I got those lizards happily swinging from the top of their cage. Later, I used energy healing to help her beloved elderly cat recover from a stroke.

Thus, I had stepped into the rewarding world of animal communication and energy healing. And I was hooked!

I love sweet kittens

Going back even further...

While growing up, our family enjoyed a string of cats; the last one I remember was Kiki. Butterscotch-colored kittens were my favorite.

My sister had a beautiful Quarter Horse, and my brother had hunting dogs. And I guess I should include all the poor guppies and goldfish that didn't survive in those stinky little bowls — God rest their souls!

My grandparents' farm was filled with chickens, sheep and cattle. I was terrified of their mean-old dogs. So, yeah, I'm partial to cats and kittens.

Everyone on our street had a cat or a dog. A family had horses, and I often went with them to riding competitions.

I loved watching The Wild Kingdom, Flipper, Lassie, Mister Ed, and Tarzan. I dreamed of one day washing my hair under a jungle waterfall and talking with animals. Both of those dreams came true.

When I returned to the States, I discovered that I'd become allergic to dogs. That began my fascination with emotion and the mind-body connection.

Experiencing the mind-body connection

Our small town had wonderful doctors, which drew me to the health field. Doc Henderson lived two houses up from us, and he and his family were as nice as can be. Our friendly next-door neighbor was a pharmacist. My grandma thought I should become a nurse, but I was more interested in becoming an x-ray technician.

The summer after I graduated from high school, I interviewed for a job with our local chiropractor. I didn't know anything about chiropractic, but the position included working with x-rays. On what I consider a fateful day, Dr. Scott asked me why I wasn't going to college. The short story is that he refused to hire me and I was in college that fall!

After graduating from college, I moved to Spain to teach English. While there, a terrifying incident happened. One evening while out in the country, my friends and I were surrounded by vicious ranch dogs — the kind you see in scary movies. I was sure we were going to be torn apart. When I returned to the States, I discovered that I'd become allergic to dogs. That began my fascination with emotion and the mind-body connection.

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Discovering powerful healing techniques

While reading the newspaper one morning, I ran across an article about a chiropractor who had developed a technique that allowed practitioners to investigate and treat emotional underpinnings to physical complaints. I was intrigued. The chiropractor, Dr. Scott Walker, was nearby, so I made an appointment to try out his Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).

I asked to be treated for a painful condition that had not improved despite watching my diet and taking medication. The chiropractor on duty traced the source of the pain to an unresolved emotional event that happened when I was a child. After a few strategic taps on my spine, the physical pain I had been experiencing vanished. Vanished. I was astounded.

I went on to work in the Walkers' training business. Only qualified, licensed professionals were allowed to take the training. I thought it was the best thing since pita pockets, and I wished that anyone could learn the technique.

Eventually I discovered Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and its simplified form called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The good news was that anyone was welcome to learn EFT.

Now there are dozens of such methods, and their popularity has spread like wildfire. "Tapping" no longer seems very strange. And, finally, there are well-done research studies that prove these techniques work. See examples at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) site.

I loved this field so much that I joined ACEP, attended several annual conferences, and was honored to serve on their board as marketing director and communications director.

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Finding my niche

Although I knew several healing techniques and used them regularly to help myself, my husband and close friends, I wasn't interested in opening a professional practice. I had a few good reasons, such as lacking the research to back the techniques.

But things have changed. Now there's good research that supports these techniques. And I found that I get amazing results with animals. I also discovered that my work is effective whether I do hands-on healing or "remote or distance" healing.

So, here I am at your service. I would love to help your pet or other animal friend challenged with a behavioral, emotional or physical issue. (Important disclaimer: My services do not constitute veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis or medical treatment.)